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AI-Based Clinical Decision Support in Diabetes Care

Revolutionizing Diabetes Care: Harnessing AI-Based Clinical Decision Support for Personalized Management and Enhanced Healthcare Outcomes

Rating: 4.5/5

CME/CPD: 1 Credit

Duration: 1 hour

About this course

Artificial intelligence-based Clinical Decision Support tools (AI-CDS tools) hold considerable promise for advancing diabetes care.

The application of artificial intelligence systems in healthcare enables the performance of complex tasks in a manner reminiscent of human problem-solving.

Together, these innovations in AI-CDS tools signify a transformative potential for improving the management of diabetes by providing tailored, timely, and intelligent support to healthcare professionals and patients alike.



Mose Phillip-2

Prof. Moshe Phillip, MD

Director of the Institute of Endocrinology and Diabetes, the National Center for Juvenile Diabetes at Schneider Children’s.

Revital Nimri-2

Revital Nimri, MD

Senior pediatric endocrinologist and diabetes expert focusing solely on new and innovative technologies for treatment of type 1 diabetes.

Ariana R. Pichardo-Lowden, MD-1

Ariana Pichardo-Lowden, MD

Associate Professor of Medicine & Public Health Sciences, Clinical Endocrinologist, and Diabetes Researcher at Penn State University, PSH Hershey Medical Center

Learning Outcomes

Understand how AI tools can complement or enhance the traditional roles of health care professionals in managing diabetes.

Examine how AI-based clinical decision support systems provide personalized, actionable recommendations to optimize care for individual patients.

Identify the application of AI tools in the inpatient setting, with the aim of reducing the length of hospital stays and potentially improving overall patient outcomes.

Lessons in this course

To learn more about this topic, we look at three very interesting presentations given at the ATTD 2022 conference around the subject of Clinical Decision Support Systems.

AI-Based Decision Support System

Behavioral Advice Given by Artificial Intelligence-Based Decision Support

Glycemic Care Optimization in the Hospital using Clinical Decision Support Helps Reduce Length of Stay

This course is for:

Healthcare professionals, practitioners, and individuals involved in the field of diabetes care.

I found the information on CDT very interesting - particularly for remote support in CSII and in-patient care.
E.R. Advanced Practice Nurse, United Kingdom

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