ATTD “Breakthrough Outcomes” Award 2024 

ATTD is happy to present the ATTD Breakthrough Outcomes Award; an award to acknowledge innovation and high quality in Primary Care for patients with Type 2 Diabetes.  

The award is open to Primary Care teams and groups that have been working toward implementing practices of excellence in patient care for Type 2 diabetes patients in their everyday clinical practice.  

The award ceremony will be held during the 17th International Conference on Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes (ATTD 2024) in Florence on 6-9 March 2024. The selection will be made by an International Scientific Committee comprised of well-established authorities within the diabetes disease field. Results will be communicated via email by early January 2024. 

  • Prize: valued at 15.000 euros (including hotel, travel, and conference ticket to attend ATTD2024). 
  • Application start: 1 November 2023 
  • Application deadline: 15 December 2023 
  • Result communication: early January 
  • Conference attendance: 6-9 March 2024 

Criteria for Selection 

The criteria followed by the committee for the selection of the winning team are the following:   

  • Patient Outcomes: the candidate team should describe tangible improvements made in the health of their Type 2 diabetes patients. They should highlight key achievements obtained over the past years such as better glycemic control, lowered HbA1c levels, and overall enhanced well-being due to tailored care practices. 
  • Innovative Practices: the team should describe any novel or creative approaches to patient care and safety, and emphasize the use of innovative technologies, unique treatment strategies, or engaging methods that set their practice apart. 
  • Patient Feedback: the team should highlight any feedback and satisfaction scores received from patients. Furthermore, candidates should discuss how they have integrated their feedback into care processes. 
  • Clinical Guidelines Adherence: candidates should explain their commitment to following clinical guidelines and using evidence-based practices for managing Type 2 diabetes, sharing how this adherence benefits patients. 

Guidelines for Application/Nomination 

Anyone involved in healthcare can apply, either for their team or to nominate a Primary Care team of their choice. Please make sure to obtain the team’s consent regarding the nomination and submission of personal data as described below.  

In the online application form, please add the following information in the appropriate boxes: ​ 

  • Name of the nominated team (clinical practice, hospital department, or medical institute).  
  • Address of the nominated team. 
  • Name and email of a member from the nominated team. 
  • Approximate size of the nominated team. 
  • Name of the submitting individual (a member from the nominated team or anyone who wishes to nominate a team they admire). 
  • Current official title/profession/position of the submitting individual, including their department/institute/hospital. 
  • Date of birth of the submitting individual. 
  • Address of the submitting individual. 
  • E-mail of the submitting individual (equal or different to the email of reference). 

You will also be asked for the following: 

  • A motivational cover letter (one page) explaining why the nominee group should be a candidate for the award. Please follow the criteria highlighted above to structure your letter. 

The application needs to be endorsed by the Institution which will be the recipient of the award payment. 

In the form, please add in the indicated boxes the Institution name, contact details, and bank account details of the Institution that will receive and administer the award money. 

The award is granted under the following conditions: 

  • Primary Care Team Winner and their Institute/Hospital enter into an Award Agreement with ATTD. 
  • At least one member of the Primary Care Team Winner should attend the ATTD 2024 conference in Florence, Italy (expenses covered by the grant). 
  • The Primary Care Team Winner should send a one-page Word document reporting about the use of the cash and travel components of the award funding within 6 months of the ATTD Award Conference Ceremony 2024.