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Insights from ATTD Ignite: Unleashing Tomorrow at ATTD24

In the heart of innovation lies collaboration, and the recent gathering of minds within the diabetes technology community echoed this sentiment emphatically.

At ATTD24, we were excited to launch ATTD Ignite, a dynamic and innovative initiative bringing together scientific experts, entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and Venture Capitalists to create a thriving ecosystem for diabetes technology start-ups.

Convening for an insightful discussion, participants brought forth a plethora of ideas and suggestions aimed at enhancing collaboration and support within the realm of diabetes technology. From seasoned industry veterans to budding entrepreneurs, the shared vision was clear: “to propel innovation forward and make tangible strides in combating diabetes.”

One of the focal points of the discussion was the need for personalized guidance and mentorship for early-stage entrepreneurs. Recognizing the invaluable wisdom held by industry veterans, with the suggestion of organizing one-on-one meetings garnering significant enthusiasm from the crowd!

In addition to mentorship, the concept of matchmaking between startups and industry experts emerged as a pivotal strategy. By creating a dedicated platform for this purpose, the community aims to cultivate symbiotic relationships that foster growth and expertise exchange. This initiative not only amplifies the visibility of startups but also enriches the collective knowledge pool, driving innovation to new heights. ATTD is excited to launch the ATTD Diabetes Health Hub, providing an online space for start-ups and emerging companies to showcase their work throughout the year on the ATTD Online Portal.

Education also emerged as a cornerstone of the discussion, with workshops proposed on essential topics such as reimbursement and supply chain dynamics. These workshops serve as invaluable resources, empowering entrepreneurs with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the complex landscape of healthcare technology. By addressing key challenges head-on, the community endeavours to arm startups with the insights needed to thrive in a competitive market.

Inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of TV’s Shark Tank, the community also entertained the idea of hosting a similar session where startups can pitch their ideas to a panel of investors. This exciting venture not only provides a platform for startups to showcase their innovations but also cultivates potential partnerships and funding opportunities.

Above all, the prevailing sentiment echoed throughout the discussion was one of unity and shared purpose. Participants emphasized the importance of collective action, committing to offering an additional 20 fellowships for ATTD startups. This bold initiative underscores the community’s dedication to driving tangible progress and achieving meaningful results within a defined timeframe.

Overall, we left with a resounding message of collaboration, education, and partnership reverberated within the diabetes technology community, alongside a challenge to us at ATTD to increase our activities both throughout the year and at ATTD2025 in Amsterdam!

Thanks to Craig Cooper, Laurel Messer, an and Mark Clements who helped facilitate this discussion and continue to be trusted partners and supporters for ATTD.

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