Autoimmunity 2024 – CME/CPD Credits

How to Receive Your CME/CPD Certificate   

The CME/CPD certificate will be available after completing the online evaluation and credit-claiming procedure. The process takes about 5 minutes. We thank you for your feedback as it is an important part of CME/CPD accreditation and helps improve future educational offerings.

Before August 20, 2024:

  1. Login to the Mosaic of Autoimmunity Education Portal or Register if you don’t have an account.
  2. Register using your email address and make sure to select “Autoimmunity” as your main field of interest.
  3. Once logged in, go to “Online Learning”, and click on the CME/CPD certificate banner on the landing page.
  4. Complete the anonymous online evaluation.
  5. Enter your username (conference registration email) and password (Registration ID) during the credit-claiming process.
  6. Complete the credit claim form and submit it.
  7. The CME/CPD certificate will be available for download; retain it for your personal records.

Kindly note that the Autoimmunity 2024 online evaluation will be active on the last day of the meeting. You will then be able to access it and claim your CME/CPD certificate.

For any questions or concerns, please contact us at: