CGM Hub 

Welcome to the CGM Hub, brought to you by an educational grant from Dexcom! 

Our educational program offers a comprehensive array of eLearning courses based on webinars covering various topics related to Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM). These courses are designed to provide healthcare professionals and individuals interested in diabetes management with valuable insights and knowledge about CGM technology. 

Our program includes: 

  • CGM and Pregnancy: Explore the benefits and considerations of using CGM during pregnancy for optimal diabetes management. 
  • CGM and Wearable Devices for Seniors: Learn about the latest advancements in wearable CGM devices tailored for seniors and their unique needs. 
  • An Introduction to CGM: Gain a fundamental understanding of CGM technology, its components, and its applications in diabetes care. 
  • CGM Access and Patient Suitability: Understand the process of accessing CGM devices and determining patient suitability for CGM therapy. 
  • How to Support People with Diabetes on Real-Time CGM: Discover strategies and best practices for effectively supporting individuals with diabetes who utilize real-time CGM systems. 

An immersive learning experience

Whether you’re a healthcare professional seeking to enhance your knowledge, or an individual looking to better manage your diabetes, our eLearning courses are tailored to meet your educational needs.

Join us at the CGM Hub to expand your understanding of CGM technology and its impact on diabetes care! 

Start exploring our courses today to stay informed and empowered in the world of Continuous Glucose Monitoring.