Navigating NAFLD/NASH: Global Prevalence, Advanced Imaging Techniques, and Innovative Treatments in Diabetes Care

The goal of this module is to raise awareness among healthcare providers about NAFLD/NASH, the link with diabetes, the importance of early detection and identifying typical and atypical findings using imaging technologies for an accurate assessment and diagnosis. This module features interviews and presentations from two of the worlds top leading experts; Professor Satish Garg, and Professor Chris Byrne.

Learning Objectives

• Describe the global prevalence of NAFLD/NASH
• Identify appropriate emerging imaging techniques for screening and diagnosis of NAFLD/NASH
• List the possible current and future treatment options for management of patients with diabetes affected by NAFLD/NASH

After this course you’ll be able to:

  • Understand the complexities of NAFLD/NASH, their potential consequences, and the global health trends that link them, thereby facilitating informed decision-making in healthcare contexts.
  • Understand the prevalence of NAFLD/NASH worldwide, including their impact on T2D patients.
  • Gain insights into emerging technologies for early diagnosis and recommended treatment options for individuals with diabetes affected by NAFLD and/or NASH.

Lessons in This Course

  2. An Emerging Health Problem
  3. NAFLD/NASH in Metabolic Syndrome and early T2D

Who it is for

Healthcare professionals, practitioners, and individuals involved in the field of diabetes care.