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Rheumatology diagnostics

Insights into the world of determining anti-nuclear antibodies (ANA) on Hep-2 cells

Rating: 5/5

CME/CPD: 1 Credit

Duration: 1 hour

About this course

For those new to identifying anti-nuclear antibodies (ANA) on Hep-2 cells, this course provides an ideal introduction. Tailored for concise insights, it covers ANA’s role in diagnosing autoimmune rheumatic diseases and detection methods.

Participants will explore examples of fluorescence patterns observed in the Hep-2 cell immunofluorescence test, gaining practical insights. With its focus on providing fundamental knowledge, this course effectively equips newcomers with the skills needed for ANA detection.


Learning Outcomes

Understanding the significance of ANA in diagnosing autoimmune rheumatic diseases, particularly systemic autoimmune rheumatic diseases.

Familiarity with various methods used to detect ANA, including the indirect immunofluorescence test on Hep-2 cells.

Ability to apply diagnostic recommendations related to ANA detection in clinical settings.

Learning objectives

Classify ANA diagnostics within clinical settings

Provide comprehensive information on ICAP (International Consensus on Antinuclear Antibody Patterns)

Effectively communicate the strategy and methodology of ANA diagnostics

This course is for:

Healthcare professionals, practitioners, and individuals involved in the field of autoimmune rheumatic diseases.

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