The Weight of Diabetes 

Welcome to “The Weight of Diabetes” educational program, supported by Eli Lilly. 

Problem Statement

Diabetes management presents a significant challenge for individuals, particularly when coupled with excess weight. Clinical evidence underscores the crucial role of weight management in achieving optimal glycemic control. However, a concerning clinical care gap persists, hindering effective weight management strategies in diabetes care. Factors contributing to this gap include a lack of measurable urgency, physician fatigue, insufficient awareness of treatment goals, and prevalent stigma and bias surrounding weight. 


The Weight of Diabetes” program aims to address this critical gap by educating healthcare professionals (HCPs) on the essential connection between glycemic control and weight management in Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) care. Our goal is to equip primary care physicians, general practitioners, diabetologists, and endocrinologists with the necessary knowledge and tools to bridge this divide and provide optimal care to individuals with T2D. 

Our Comprehensive Education Package

This program offers a comprehensive and free education package for HCPs, focusing on two key areas: early stringent glucose control and managing excess weight in people with T2D. The educational package includes: 

  • eLearning courses 
  • Webinars 
  • Quizzes 
  • Artificial Intelligence course titled “Reality Check: Augmented Learning for Effective Patient Engagement” where HCPs practice and test their knowledge of working with patients using tools and lessons from the course. Receive feedback via AI on tone, expression, and content. 
  • Other interactive formats 

Through these materials and activities, HCPs will gain a deep understanding of the theoretical foundations and practical applications of early stringent glucose control and weight management in T2D. Our aim is to empower HCPs to implement recommended best practices in T2D management, ultimately improving patient outcomes and quality of care. 

Learning Objectives

  • Define and discuss the pathophysiology of T2D and the role of weight in its development and progression. 
  • Define and discuss the benefits of early and intensive patient care for T2D. 
  • Explain the complications and effects of fat accumulation on cardiovascular health in people with diabetes.  
  • Explain the challenges faced by people with T2D in achieving and maintaining clinically meaningful weight loss, and understand which tools and support are needed to combat these challenges. 
  • Express the stigma around excess weight in people with diabetes, including their own unconscious bias, and know how to address these stigmas. 
  • Summaries bias in diabetes healthcare, particularly fat-shaming and its harm on people with diabetes. 
  • Discuss weight management and glucose control with patients in a safe and non-judgmental way.  
  • Clearly define all the important targets for early stringent glucose and weight control for people with T2D. 
  • Develop comprehensive personalized care management plans with an emphasis on early stringent glucose and weight control for people with T2D. 
  • Implement these personalized care management plans as standard in the management of people with diabetes in their clinical practice. 

Join us in our mission to transform diabetes care by bridging the gap between standard healthcare and recommended best practices. Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals living with T2D. 

Enroll in “The Weight of Diabetes” program today and take the first step towards enhancing your clinical practice and improving patient care.