Brain Atrophy Subtypes and the ATN Classification Scheme in Alzheimer’s Disease

Join us for the second AD/PD™ Live Journal Club webinar session discussing brain atrophy and the ATN classification in Alzheimer´s disease. During the session, Dr Ruitenberg will introduce Dr Cedres and their latest publication ”Brain Atrophy Subtypes and the ATN Classification Scheme in Alzheimer’s Disease“ (Neurodegenerative Diseases, Karger Publishers).



This initiative is made possible thanks to the help of Karger Publishers and the Neurodegenerative Diseases journal.

The author´s paper will be available free of access to all journal attendees at the following address:


Learning Objectives

  • Learn about AD subtypes heterogeneity across cohorts depending on whether patients come from clinical or research settings.
  • Understand the possible contribution of cerebrovascular pathology to the different AD subtypes.
  • Identify the distribution of A/T/N profiles across AD brain atrophy subtypes.


Welcome Dr Ruitenberg (chair and moderator) will introduce Dr Cedres’s background and work.
Presentation Dr Nira Cedres will introduce their latest paper and its implications in the field of neurodegenerative diseases.
Discussion Q&A with the speaker, moderated by Dr Ruitenberg.


Dr Marit F.L. Ruitenberg, Assistant Professor in Neuropsychology at the Health, Medical and Neuropsychology section at Leiden University (The Netherlands). Her research focuses on the cognitive and neural mechanisms underlying sensorimotor function across the lifespan, both in health and neuro(psycho)logical disorders.

Dr Nira Cedres, Researcher at Stockholm University Department of Psychology (Sweden), and affiliated at the Karolinska Institute, Division of Clinical Geriatrics. Dr Cedres has a PhD in psychology and the main focus of her research has long been on cognition and MRI neuroimaging; perception, genetic factors, amyloid biomarkers, comorbid psychiatric disorders, clinical and socio-demographic variables are also part of her research studies.